Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky

Animax and Hero are my favorite go to channels when it comes to anime. I was watching Hero earlier and came across this cute anime,come to think of it every anime has it's cuteness factor.

When the commercials came, the title they flashed is Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky. According to Wikipedia, Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky is the title of a Japanese manga created by Kaishaku which was first serialized in the Japanese shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age in May 2006.

It  revolves around the life of Kū Shiratori, a seemingly normal high school girl, who enjoys school life in the giant city Academia. Academia is thought of as a symbol of recovery for humanity since already ten years have passed since the greatest disaster mankind had ever seen occurred. Kū has recently been having a recurring dream where a prince meets her and takes her away. One day, while all the students at her school are preparing for the upcoming school festival, the prince whom she has met several times in her dreams appears. The prince, whose name is Kyoshiro Ayanokōji, requests of her just as he had done in Kū's dreams, "Let's go, together...."       

It has 12 episodes and I'm pretty sure that what I have seen earlier is the first one. Will try and search if I can download the whole series as I am pretty excited on  how this will turn out.

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