Friday, October 28, 2011

Gaga over NBS

I always have this habit of browsing over the 3 big *B's online sites ( bookstores) during my spare time.Anticipating as to which of them would be the first to release the books that I am drooling over on Amazon. Call me a book worm or a nerd but I always get that giddy feeling when browsing for new books to read and then finding out that they are sold locally and I could be one of the first few who will get to read it. Heaven!
So if you happen to be on a internet shop and hear someone suddenly laugh out loud and say "YES!". It might just be me, finding out my vampire book is available in one of our local bookstores. 

My favorite bookstore for now is National Bookstore. Every time I go there,I would always find a book that I thought would not come for a few months and the best part is somehow I would be the lucky one who finds books with incorrect barcodes. 

There was this one time that I saw a hardbound copy Morgannville Ghost Town on one of their shelves. When i turned it around to check the price.My jaw literally dropped for a couple of minutes. It's price tag is 285 pesos!!!!  So i grabbed it right away and made my way to the cashier. Since I am  the first to buy that book.They gave it to me at that price tag. 

The other day on NBS, I found a copy of the next book on the Morganville Series with another case of an incorrect Barcode. Two of them actually, but then again 399 pesos is somewhat the amount i usually pay  for a paperback version. When I paid for it at the cashier, it was then that i found out that it was supposed to be 406 pesos. Maybe I should apply for Book Keeping since this is the 2nd time. LOL

So my advice to those book addicts like me, be vigilant in searching for the books that you want. Be it on NBS, FB or on PB.You'll never know what you'll find and the price may not be as you expect it to be. 

Happy Reading :P

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