Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wish list Part 2

Sorry about emo post yesterday,seems like I was really down at that time hence the riddle phrases. I was browsing on my blog reader when I came across a lot of beauty products that I wanted to try even though the price made me back of a little bit. 

First on my list is Eyeliptex2, read Ms. Nikki's review on this product and I agree on everything that she has said. Eyebags and dark circles are my biggest concern since they always make me look haggard regardless if I try to sleep early everyday. I'm not expecting this to work instantly but the confirmation that it works is enough to make me want to take a splurge and save on skin products. It's 2,600 pesos by the way :)

2nd on my wish list is the GSL Z-Pore. Again I'm an avid reader of Ms.Nikki's blog and her review on this made me utter WOW! I am guilty of having large pores,oily skin and blackheads so I am seriously considering this one. My only drawback is the Vit E part.Although it is commonly known to give clear skin, unfortunately it manages to make my skin break out. I'll have to think this one out. This is 1,600 pesos.

3rd one on my list, you guessed it right. Another skin care product that I've read from her blog.It's Tri-Aktiline Total Face Instant Line Reducing Moisturizer. It is facial moisturizer designed to target wrinkles.Since   I'm in my late twenties, wrinkles are just around the corner so it doesn't hurt to get to it while I can still pass for a college student. Price for this baby is a whopping 2,600 pesos. 

So if I purchase all of this it will be ......6,9000 pesos. Ummmm ok wishlist indeed LOL

Oh well hopefully someone can buy either of the 3 for me. Calling my boyfriend *cough* cough* LOL

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