Friday, December 09, 2011

Cute hairstyles to try out.

I know it doesn't look like that I'm "kikay" but I am. As i was surfing, I visited an online store that is selling a donut hair bun. It's not a donut that you can eat but a hair accessory that you can use so you can make a perfect hair bun just like below.  The instructions are not that clear so I googled a tutorial on how I can do this to my hair. I found one video and lucky me she even show I can make one myself using an old black socks that I have stored in my drawer. I'll try to make one during the week ends and hopefully my hair will look as pretty as the picture.

Since I was satisfied and kinda confident that I can do this. I went ahead and browse through several other videos made by another girl. I first watched her tutorial for a cute hair bow for weddings and I was really amazed on her technique.I also browsed several other videos that she has for proms, summer and for styling up your bangs. Don't have any bangs and I definitely don't want to cut my  hair but with all the styles that she showed, it made me wanna have bangs on my face.  Anyways I figured that I can just either buy the bangs that I can just attach or I can just part my  hair sideways just like what she did on the video. 

Since I have a reunion coming up maybe I can try of the simpler styles that she have then I'll try the complicated ones when I have a lot of time to prepare. 

This is her youtube channel just in case you want to take a peek.gotta go guys and take an umbrella with you if you're going out. Rain is pouring very hard right now.

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