Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Year Make Over

        I just bought two new earrings on the stall that we passed by earlier.It is silver toned that looked like a snake protecting a gemstone. I love that when I wore it, it doesn't look like that it was just 80 pesos.It has that antique vibe going on and for 80 pesos it is very much worth it. Too bad though that I dropped it on our floor while taking it off, one of the gems dangling on the earring cracked into two pieces so I have to buy a glue so I can re attach it. 
       The other earring looked like an upside down pyramid with triangle cut off inside with purple gems. It was also gorgeous and looks like it would match a party dress if ever i have one. LOL I was careful this time when I was taking it off though, I wouldn't want both earrings to be broken. 

      I was also thinking of having my hair colored. I have been wearing my hair black for the longest time and I'm kinda getting bored of it.My officemate had her hair colored so I am kinda envious how her face somehow brightened up due to her new hair color. 

     There is one brand that I wanted to try, a Japanese brand that is. It is a permanent dye though and you will use it as if you are just shampooing your except that you will not rinse it immediately. 

     I am leaning towards their brown colors and would want to try either the first 3 colors indicated under that series. I would want something soft though and this is what I would want for my hair if ever it worked like it is supposed to be. 

    What do you think guys, would this suit my hair or should I just be content with my shiny black hair.Let me know okay :)

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