Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome Iphone4s

Tomorrow will be Dec it's not my birthday but the unveiling of the Iphone 4s from Globe.A lot has been anticipating it's arrival and I bet that they would draw in a lot of consumers who wanted to be the first to own this  gadget. My officemate already ordered for this and he was ecstatic when he received an email from Globe accepting his application. I think you will need to cash out 4,000 pesos for the unit and then the plan itself would be1,799. Not sure if there are other plans but that is the plan that my co worker availed.

There is a rumor going on that Smart will also be launching a plan post paid plan for Iphone 4s but up until now there has been no confirmation on how much the cash out will be and the price of the plan itself. This would challenge Globe's domination over the Iphone distribution here in the Philippines and in a way this is good because  it would give consumers a better chance of getting their moneys worth instead of making do because you don't have a choice.

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