Monday, December 19, 2011

Our new Wii Fit plus and Tales of Symphonia

Wasn't able to blog yesterday because we were busy tinkering with our new Wii Fit plus console. We already have the basic Nintendo Wii courtesy of my mom but my dad wanted the additional accessories so he can do some exercise  using other games besides the usual table tennis. 

We were excited that it was only 4,000 plus pesos versus the mall price of 6,000 pesos. Not bad right so we bought it right away. It featured yoga,strength training, aerobics and some training plus games that will test your center of balance and control of your body. 

The initial test were really hard to do and it was fun in a way because we were able to create a profile for our pet dog.Too bad though that there were no training available.

We also bought this game because it says multiplayer, turns out that it is just one player because the other characters are in automode lol.

It was a fun game and the dialogues were really hilarious with the girl being in love with the main character. It consists of 8 chapters so it would take us a long time to finish the game. 

Looking forward to finishing it. 

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