Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My new work out buddy

I am a fan of work outs most especially yoga but when my buddies are either on VL or unable to attend our class with me. I will just decide to cancel and wait till they are available so we can all go to class together. I haven't had the chance to fully explore our new Wii Fit plus yesterday  but earlier I was able to do some of the routines that I have learned on my yoga class. No advance poses though just the basic ones but with a twist, i need to keep my center of balance on the yellow circle.You see every exercise/routine on this console will require that your posture is ok and that your weight is equally distributed on your legs. 

I am not a fan of  the downward dog position and I am still not a fan of it when it is included on the routine that I picked to do. Doing the pose with no mat is hard on the knees and especially doing it on a very limited space but what made me laugh is that the virtual trainer knew that I was not doing it properly, that my legs are stiff or is it my shoulders and that I need to equally distribute the weight. It also knew that I gave up half way LOL. 

The games included on the routine were also hilarious but did a good job of making use of my arms and legs . Imagine marching by following the beat of a drum plus doing the dance dance revolution by timing the rise of your hands on the symbols that is slowly falling down. I don't have any rhythm on my body but I was able to score some perfect scores on that game which is really great.

Overall based on the Wii Board I was able to burn 12 calories LOL not bad for 7 minutes of work out now if I can keep that up everyday LOL. 

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