Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Iron Fey Series

I haven't had the chance to use my kindle for a long time so last weekend i charged it and uploaded some of my old  books stored on my drive.Since I have read them for a couple of times, I decided to look for something new to read that doesn't involve vampires.I think with everyone talking about Breaking Dawn, it made me want to look for something fresh and not that popular yet. 

I chanced upon Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series and upon reading the plot, I said what the hell and downloaded the whole thing.The cover was vaguely familiar and I just remembered that it is being sold at Fully Booked for 400 plus pesos(sorry not familiar on how much it really is)

The story is pretty much the same, a girl bullied all her life and trying to fit it then suddenly right in the middle of something monumental which may be her 16th, 17th or 18th birthday, in this case on her 16th bday. A series of events will  unfold letting her in on a secret kept from her by her parent/s that will forever change how she views herself and the world that she is living in.

I'm not really expecting much but I was thrilled that the author was able to manipulate this seemingly predictable plot into something that I can read well enough till I hear the roosters signal that it is already morning.I was able to finish all 4 four books in one day. Starting at 5pm in the affternoon and then ending at almost 6 in the morning. Of course I ate dinner, watch Tv in between just so you know so maybe it didn't really took me the whole day, probably only half a day. 

My favorite character in this would be Puck, that guy is really fun to be with and no to mention very much loyal and in love to the main character.He seems much more real,genuine and reachable( toothbrush?!).No matter how many times he was pushed away , he always manage to get there in the nick of time to save the girl from danger.

The other guy, well not so much. He reminds me of how authors make the leading guy too perfect to the point that even if the girl has some redeeming qualities, she would eventually think that he is too good for her and deserves someone better than her.

Haven't read the two novellas yet but I am hoping that I would be able to come next week end. It may not be that much but since I have thoroughly enjoyed the series might as well go all way and read it as well. 

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