Sunday, December 04, 2011

Glutathione and Local Obagi

These are the two products that I have tried a couple of years before.It was a big hit then and I was one of those  who raved how it worked and how my skin and my face has gone from blah! to wow in a month. For the glutathione part, I mostly try Japan brands and I must say that Ishigaki and Tathion307 are effective for me except for KB which only brought out cyctic pimples. It took me a couple of months before my face cleared up but it did left me with some marks that it is still visible if you look closely.

I have been very lazy on my beauty regimen so my face is not as good as it looked back then.No cystic pimples thank God for that, but I think  I 'll need the help of those two super products so I can improve how I look. Since Tathione307 is not yet available, my trusted seller recommended a new brand to use,RX glutathione. It is also Japan made and BFAD approved too.Haven't seen any reviews from it though but her site says that the dermas sell these for 5,500 pesos. Just got it from her for 1,500 so I'm guessing she buys by bulk or knows the direct source of this brand. 

Looking into the supplementary facts, it shows that it has 500mg of Reduced L- glutathione,100 mg of Vit C and 100mg of L Lipolic acid. She said that I didn't need to pop in Vit C since it is already incorporated on the product so I can save money.Hmmmm will test if this is as effective as the other brands I  have tried. 

Next is the Local Obagi. I have also tried it a couple of years but I don't remember if my skin improved or not because of this. A lot of reviews  has been done for this product and the raves and rants are somewhat balanced.Will probably start using this after my High School reunion since I can't risk having a lot of pimples or redness on my face. 

Will update you guys if I have any negative reactions on the new gluta  and local obagi. Thanks!

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