Friday, December 16, 2011

Smart vs Globe Iphone plans

It's the battle of Iphone 4s today as both Smart and Globe launched  the most anticipated gadget from Apple.Although Globe claimed to be the first to claim the first batch, it is Smart who first unveiled their prepaid and post paid plans through their website.

Globe is still mum on the pricing but they are emailing some of their consumers who have signed up to inquire on their prices. They are also entertaining online orders and will require the original copy of the ITR, payslips and several ids.

For Smart, you can refer below for their respective postpaid plans.Not sure if they are also entertaining online orders just like Globe though. For more info you can go to their website.

 Plan Details
iPhone Plans
 Plan 2499Plan 999
4S 16GBFREE999/mo
4S 32GB200/mo1200/mo
4S 64GB400/mo1400/mo
Free Minutes300100
Free SMS30040
Free Data (MB)1GB250MB
Unlimited Data Plans
Plan 4000Plan 3000Plan 2000Plan 1500

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