Friday, February 26, 2010

Lets celebrate

I am a member of this site since Sept 20,2009 so i would like to encourage everyone to join this contest who knows you might win right right  :P
It is an honor to strive and do our best, to give joy and bring out smiles in each and every member of the family, our TP family.


  • First Prize:
  1. CASH: $50 from and
  2. 2000 EC Credits from redamethyst.blogspot.com2,000 ECcredits, and 1,000 EC credits from
  3. Advertisement slots for 3 months! Absolutely free! Put your 125 x 125 banner(s) to the following sites: (,,
  4. 1-month AD Space from,, and
  • Second Prize:
  1. CASH: $30 from and
  2. 2000 EC Credits from and 1,000 EC Credits from
  3. AD Space for 3 months from
  4. AD SLOTS: Advertisement slots for 2 months! Put your 125 x 125 banner(s) to the following sites: (
  5. 1 month 125×125 ad space from and
  • Third Prize:
  1. CASH: $20 and
  2. 1000 EC credits from and 1000 EC Credits from
  3. AD Space for 3 months from
  4. AD SLOTS: Advertisement slots for 1 month. Put your 125 x 125 banner(s) to the following sites: (, and
  • Consolation Prizes:
  1. 1 month adspace from each
Valid entries are posts made beginning February 18, 2010 until March 30, 2010. At the end of March 30, 2010, we will tally the points. Announcement of Winners will be on April 07, 2010.
                                       Click here to find out more about this contest  

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