Saturday, February 13, 2010

Craving for a Mushroom Burger

M y bf and i usually text each other everyday on how things are going on.Most of the time we ended up making the other crave for something delicious.Yesterday he mentioned that he was eating a very yummy and mouth watering Mushroom burger. 

They had it delivered at their place in Last Pinas and he even gave me the website of those sumptuous burgers. I laughed when he mentioned that he thought that the delivery came from Tagaytay wherein it was made in their other branch located in Quezon city. 

I visited their site and a big picture of the burger welcomed me.I think the site is new since most of the info like the prices and description of the burgers aren't written there yet but i think words aren't needed when you view their products.A mere glance and the viewer would be hypnotized to grab the phone and have a burger delivered to his/her residence. Good thing i wasn't that hungry when i visited this site or else i would have dialed the number automatically. 

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