Friday, February 19, 2010

You win some,you lose some

After a lot of stress,moolah and effort. My passport will be delivered at my house on March 13,2010. I was so happy when they accepted all the ids that i've brought that i am beaming at the attendant,she is also happy because she just checked everything i presented.

Before my turn she was literally shouting  at the top of her lungs to some guy who has no id besides his postal id(gulp just like me when i applied the first time).I was so nervous that when it was my turn, i gave her all the id's that i have. I was able to breath easy when she checked everything and gave me the payment slip ,she said that i will present it to the cashier when i pay for the processing fee.

I proceeded to the auditorium afterwards so they can record my information,signature and thumb mark on their auditorium .It was almost 3pm when i finished the whole thing and since i was so famished, i decided to jollibee where i rewarded myself with a spicy chicken meal and rocky road sundae.

By the way the authentication of my TOR and diploma was unsuccessful because the officer from CHED forgot to affix their signature on the certificate. I may need to go back to my university to sort this one out since i wasnt allowed to go to CHED directly.

Oh well , i cant have everything but i'm happy that i do have something that mattered.

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