Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Broken videocard,weird browser and a new lappy on the way

My bro accidentally broke the videocard installed on this pc so it took me a long time to get online. They have to take it out then take it back again arrrgh. Anyways i tag along with my bro on gilmore to look for a laptop that i can buy.My ceiling price is 30,000 pesos and since i was just canvassing, i didnt bring my atm. I should have since there was a sale there. an acer unit with an orginal price of 34,000 is there on sale for 27,000 if you will pay for it on a cash basis. 

Oh well, ill be back there next week so i can buy that unit. MY brother already have a windows 7 disc here so  i don't need to worry as well as an AVAST program that i can install on my future laptop. I just wish he wont screw it up just as he had screwed up on fixing the videocard or else ill kill him amp. 

Im so excited finally finally ....*crossing fingers. 


thet said...

Go for your lappy Sk..para makapag adik na :)

nv said...

Oo nga. Wala na magpapa-tayo dyan sa upuan mo kasi kahit sa room mo pwede ka na makapag-adik. hehe

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