Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dante's Inferno

I was browsing earlier for something to buy when i came across  a copy of The Inferno.It was written by Dante Alighieri and was translated by John Ciardi. My boyfriend mentioned it to me last year as an interesting read and i was curious to see what made him read it. 

I was lucky enough to find a copy and i immediately grabbed it before anyone else can take it away from me. I also saw the next book on the Sookie Stockhouse series but i figured that i can get it later on when i have enough funds. Anyway, Inferno is the 1st part of the poem written by Dante.It tells an amazing tale of a man who journeys through the depths of Hell. In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine circles of suffering located within the Earth. Allegorically, the Divine Comedy represents the journey of the soul towards God, with the Inferno describing the recognition and rejection of sin.

I just breezed through it and i will try to read it later on before i go  to sleep.I'll let you know how it goes :)

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