Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fees and more fees

Sorry wasn't able to blog yesterday. I had to go to school to get my Transcript of Records plus i also have a gimmick with my cosmo friends. I haven't seen the pics yet but i know that it will turn out to be really funny to look at. I'm not sure if somebody had posted it yet on Facebook but if i do see it, rest assured that i will be sharing it here. 

Back to my TOR, they have given me a claim stub to be presented on DFA .Apparently CHED already validated it and passed it on to DFA.I also found out that i have to pay 100 pesos to DFA since they will be  making sure that its authentic (again?!) After all that, i have to go to UAE embassy to have the twice authenticated TOR authenticated by them for a fee of 2,000 plus pesos. 

It was set to be released on Feb 19 and i have to go to DFA to claim it so i decided since im there already, ill give my application another try. Apparently Postal ID is not a valid id to them which leaves me with a bunch of papers that is not accepted. They are asking me for a goverment issued id and the best that i could do at the moment would be to wince and go back another day. 

Since i don't want to experience another hassling day,  i searched on the net for the easiest way to get one valid id. I  found a girl from sulit offering to have my TIN id delivered to me for the price of ...breath in breath out ....570. I gave her my info and proceeded to LBC to pay for it.Turns out there is a fee for having cash delivered to her so it cost me a total of 620 pesos. I received it earlier,id is good and i was happy that now i am officially recognized as a Filipino with a valid identity. Now i just have to affix my signature, attach my 1x1 picture and then have it laminated.

Since i already spend cash for an id that is supposedly free, i'll have to process my passport by myself.Im still thinking if i will have it delivered for a fee of 100 pesos and if i will have it rushed so i can get it after 7 days. Anyways the sooner i get the whole thing done, the sooner i can breath easy hopefully with enough cash to cater to my whims. 

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Narc said...

What?! You paid for a TIN ID for 570 pesos?! May I know the name of that girl that you met from sulit?
Is it a laminated card or just like a cardboard card?
You should have told me that you needed one. I may have helped you get one - for free or probably for a much lesser fee than that.

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