Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi guys sorry for being away for so long.I am trying to concentrate on my new job right now and whew info overload. My boss is going to let me handle an account so I have a week to learn all of them.She will be on leave today and tomorrow so I have to really digest everything she taught me so I can do all those reports.

Anyways, I just learn that my previous department from my previous job now employs only one employee and god knows where they would terminate the remaining one. In a way, what they did to me back then came back to haunt them literally so right now they are the one jobless while I am currently employed Ha ha!

Haven't been able to complete my medical because the first step involves a stool sample which I don't carry eveyrday( who does anyway lol ) and since I am on graveyard shift in Mandaluyong and the clinic is on Makati...go figure.

And the new book from the Morganville Vampire series is now available on National Bookstore for 249 pesos.The title is Kiss of Death and after I saw it, I immediately bought one.I am halfway already so I think if I go on reading it, it wont last till tomorrow hehhehe.

I have set up my blog with an email address so I can just email in my entries however I haven't had the time to do an entry since I have of reports to learn.Maybe when I know all of them then I can do a blog entry there...

Anyways I gotta sleep....thanks for those who are continually visiting my site.I appreciate it very much mwah!


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solidus37 said...

Kumusta ka naman SK anong ginagawa mo ngayon?

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