Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's me again!

Oooops sorry for publishing an empty post. I don't know what happen. I was just typing away and then all of the sudden the page freezes and everything I wrote disappeared.Anyway as I was saying earlier on the post that was supposed to be published, I am now a regular employee in a company that I never thought I'd be in. I guess you can chalk it up as pure luck,coincidence or I am really meant to be hired there.

The work I am handling has been passed along to somebody who has more experience when it comes to the account and though I am happy that no longer have to deal with a demanding client, it is insulting in a way  to know that the client is literally begging the new one to take over my reports.

Granted I made a couple of mistakes and when I was doing so well, they had to well take it out of my hands.Oh well business is business.

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