Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Hi guys! Just woke up actually I wasn't able to sleep that well.My eyes are closed but I can hear everything that going around and with the heat, every inch of me is sweating like I am running a marathon while lying on the sofa. 
The book I ordered came in around 3pm so when I saw the package, I immediately ripped it open and read the important parts.Since I barely slept, the parts I read didn't made an impact so it's as if I didn't read at all. 

My shift will start around 9pm and the HR told me to be there 30 minutes early for my i.d.I don't know if my i.d will be there when I go there or if I will need to bring along a picture and then they will process it while I am waiting.Anyways, I don't know what to expect there.Maybe I will be introduced to my other peers and then shadow them so I will know what to do or I will be shown a corner and then be given a set of instructions to do during my shift. Arrrgh sorry I know I'm kinda being too paranoid and with me being bum for more than 3 months,I can;t help but think of what will happen. 

Shoot it's already 6 so I better prepare so I can be there by 8:30.Maybe i'll grab a big ole bottle of coke there so I won't get sleepy. I'll let you know what happen tomorrow.Till next time! 

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