Sunday, April 11, 2010

Books,Books and More books

Hi guys! Sorry I wasn't able to blog for a day or two.I have been adjusting to my graveyard shift so by the time I get home, I'm dead on my feet and all I want to do is sleep.Anyways I have been searching for a couple of books that I  would like to sink my teeth into when payday comes. So far here are some that I am contemplating to buy 

This is the sequel to ....yeah Thirst 1 hehhehe.Just to give you an overview.The 1st book talks about Alisa and her journey as a vampire.How she came to be one and her quest to stay alive since there is another vampire who is out there to kill her to keep a promise.She became human in the end and that is where Book 2 picks up the story.I was able to see copies of this on National Bookstore on the children's section but I haven't decided on if I will buy it or not since I wasn't that hooked on the First one. Every book contains 3 books so it will be thick as the Twlight Hardbound book. 

I have almost picked up this book on National Bookstore as well but since I am tight on the budget that day.I dropped it and turn my back away so I won't be forced to go beyond what I can spend.Based on the cover at the back  Its a love story between a human  who turned into a vampire and a guardian angel who became a fallen angel because he loved and attempted to save Miranda from becoming a creature of the night. I haven't read any review on this one but I find the plot interesting.Human becoming a vampire who is loved by an angel who lost his wings and later on becomes her assistant. I think it's below 400 pesos and the price range is the same for the Thirst 2 book. Though this is a bit thin compared to thirst

The Blue Blood Series by Melissa Dela Cruz who is incidentally a pinay wrote this series.I remembered recommending this to a co-worker because this series is New York Best Seller plus the fact that it is about vampires which is my favorite genre for now.Ironically, she was the first to buy the series and is now urging me to buy it weird.Based on the reviews that I have read it is like gossip girl meets Twilight or something like that since the characters in the story came from a wealthy family. The Van Allen Legacy is the last book that came out from the series.It retails 325 pesos per paperback on National Book store.I think early on they were selling it for 299 per paperback so I'm not sure why they changed the price.I saw the first book with the price of 299 pesos so if you can find one there,better buy it because all the other books are retailing for 325.The 4th book is a hardcover so it the price will be 600 plus. There is also a 5th book scheduled to be released Oct 5 this year titled Misguided  Angels  so better watch out for it as well. 
The title of this book is Hush, Hush. Well based from the cover, you guessed right another angel novel. Based on the reviews that I have read this is like the plot of Twilight except that the guy is a fallen angel. This is also a New York Times Bestseller so it is safe to assume that it will be a good read as well. Since there is no paperback version for this book, the price tag for this is 600 plus.There is a sequel of this book named Crescendo however the date for the released is yet to be announced. 

I'll continue to enumerate my other want to read list tomorrow.I'm dead tired so see you later guys mwah!


yuuki said...

hmmm...alin kaya maganda?

how's work?

aya said...

ok lng naman adjusting sa pagiging graveyard at paggawa ng reports madali lng naman pero naguguluhan kagad ako.dali kong marattle. ahahaha

Bilin mo na lng ung Blue Blood series maganda yan based on reviews :P

Paula said...

Hope you can adjust quickly on your graveyard shift.

My post is up for the BC Bloggers' Party now it's your turn. Warning: it's about me, me, and me. Read at your own risk!


Mys said...

Curious ako, have you tried reading ebooks? It's cheaper.

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