Saturday, April 03, 2010

Learning Excel

Since I am applying for a job that involves Excel,I am trying my best to learn it as much as I could.My skills on that area is very limited so I often had difficulty passing the test even though I did well on the initial and final interview. 

I found a book on Ebay for 580 pesos and I'm looking forward to learning from it as well when I successfully pay for the item.Tried to pay using PayPal however when I enter the email it says that the information is not complete.I contacted the seller so I can confirm that I am entering the correct information so I can proceed. 

Wish me luck on getting the book and learning more about excel okay!


Rache said...

goodluck on your learning excel... here's a site for learning the basics :) --

HeartyBux said...

Excel is very easy to understand. But kinda confusing sometimes.=| But I am sure that you can do it!

aya said...

Hi Rache

Thanks for the site! I'm looking at it now.


Yep it really is.Thanks for the support!Visited your blog as well :)

Take Care guys and Happy Easter

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