Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm down to zero again

I don't know what happened but I just lost my page rank.I was surprised when saw a question mark in place of the 1 that I had there so I searched for my site on Google to check if I was banned but I wasn't.I don't know how it was reduced to this but I did read that linking to penalized sites will drag me down.So if I am linking my blogs to those who had no page rank will it also cause this ? 

This is really making me sad....


Paula said...

Waa! That's so sad to hear. Google is really hard to understand all of my sites got PR from the last update except for my blog that has the most traffic and the oldest.
Don't worry there will be another update in June.

aya said...

Hi Paula

Yeah I was really shocked when I checked it.I researched and it is really hard to understand how they figure who gets a ranking.Hayz.I'll just wait for the updates

Bill said...

Sorry to hear that you lost your page rank. Google can be very cruel some times.

aya said...

Hi Bill

Yeah .Hope I can gain it back.:(

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