Tuesday, June 21, 2005

saturday adventure

No we are not stranded on an island and doing another version of castaway . We are there on the meeting place a.k.a cr trying our best to evade the friendly approach (read between the lines we mean attack) of a non existing friend.

Now we know the meaning of the word "paranoid" ha ha ha ha the hard way.

Anyways , we have waited and waited for what seems like eternity until we have decided to go out and face our fears (mostly her fear) and what do you know, he is still there. Waiting patiently for us to leave our hideaway.

How ironic ....we are also waiting for him to leave.....us alone ha ha ha ha ha.

My outspoken friend decided to wait up for me in a desperate attempt to cut him lose. It was also her subtle way of telling him to "get out, scram, ur not my type"in a manner that is not offending. Unfortunately the signal was too subtle so it did not have any effect on him. He followed us , still waiting for my friend to leave the office with him.

Finally she had to say ...sige una ka na ,maya pa ko uwi eh .Finally he got the message and scrammed out of our sight like a pussycat not having his fsh when he was promised to be given one.

hay we could finally breath in peace.........

or should i say what a relief( to her)

Paranoid kasi eh lolz

hay what an adventure...........


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