Sunday, June 19, 2005

the real me

Funny how you assume a personality once they have said that it is you. I was called Krayzie here in the office because of the meaning that this word represent.

I am outrageous
I am insane
I am unpredictable

Or is that only a portion of the bigger chunk of me that is dying to get out (alter ego?) maybe ...

I have always wanted to go on a soul searching session on a mountain to get in touch with a part of me that i have left behind intentionally.Why ? just like what i have told someone eons ago . I forget so that i can live . I forget so that i can savor the happiness that i am experiencing right now. I forget so that i can be free of the chains that have kept me in the dark for so long . I forget so that i can love those i consider special and close to my heart . I forget so that i can be me once again. . . without the cloud of guilt and shame that has been haunting me for so long.

So here i am trying to live life as if i am all that and more . Trying to be the girl i once was .

Finally i am me again......

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