Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My New life

It has been a decade ( or so i think) since i have been blogging and felt the urge to just write my heart away after being absent for so long. Let me just say that i am happy right now. Happy with my job, my life and with the one that i love right now.

I cant say that life is perfect because there are also some hang ups and some minor problems that i encounter once in a while but all in all everything is good. Good!!!! Hehehehe

Let me fill you in on some events that has happened in the span that i am not here.

Well i have resigned from my old stupid job.No more calls, no more supervisor saying that i have a monotone voice.No more KPI"s that i have to reach (which is impossible to do so anyway)and no more callers that will irritate the hell out of me.

I am currently working with no direct supervisor and can work at my own pace. We have a nice working environment(except for those noisy agents beside me) great people to work with and we can go on break and lunch whenever we want to. Paradise right.

Ive also broken up with my boyfriend for 5 1/2 years. The reason, im not really sure up until now. There are several factors or things that i considered that affected my decision. I think ive fallen out of love for him and have grown tired of explaining why i did things and did not think of his feelings.It may also be ive wanted a change. Or maybe that ive grown to love somebody else.

Eitherway i dont think of him as often as i did when ive just broken up with him.Sometimes i wondered if he has moved on already and is courting somebody else but that happens rarely since im preoccoupied with thought regarding work and my lovelife which brings me to this topic.Drum roll pls......

My new lovelife.

He was my coworker and was introduced to me by a common friend.He is intelligent, got a great sense of humor,well travelled and shared my interest with anime which i think got my attention. He also knows how to speak japanese and has been to japan as well.

I was impressed by all this and well to make the story short. We got together and we are now 1 yr and 4 months.

Before he and i resigned to our previous company, he arranged that we will be both admitted to the same company and to the same department so that we can be together. Well one out of two is bad. We are now on the same company but on diff. dept. We also have the same restday so if we have the urge to see each other then we can arrange a date and watch a movie :D

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