Saturday, November 14, 2009

A day in Cel Manila 2009

Its our monthsarry and my boyfriends birthday so we decided to set a date to celebrate.No we didnt watch a movie and somehow i wish we had.Instead we decided to go see the CEL Manila convention held at the World Trade Center.

It was supposed to start at 12 but because of a technical difficulty on their part,it was delayed and a raffle was held to appease the crowd.They gave away t-shirts,gift certificates and tickets to see the Pacquiao -Cotto fight tomorrow at 8am on the same venue.Much to our surprise, our names were called and we both won a ticket and since its will be held so early,we just gave our tickets to his sister.*Hope she'll watch it

While waiting for the event to start we went to see the vehicles that are supposedly going to boom in the near future.I think the inventor envisions a world without noise and fog pollution since every one of his creations are powered by electricity.It featured a jeepney that can seat 14 people and can go 80 km in a day given that it is fully charged as well as 2 bikes and a motorcycle.
There are also laptops on display hooked up on the internet that immediately gained popularity from the students attending.They liked it so much that they havent moved an inch eventhough the event started already.

When we went inside, i was disappointed because i though i was gonna be blown away by the gadgets that they were going to display .What i did see was an assortment of gadgets that you usually see on the mall and theyre on sale.Its like a pre christmas bazaar for gadgets.

To fight the boredom,we just crack jokes the whole time we were there and oh they managed to fit a mini airplane on the area and i was able to go to the cockpit and play pilot.They said that theyre going to send me the pics so ill post it here as well when i do receive it.

Anyways ,after 2 hours of scanning the area we went out to eat.The only thing that made me happy was that i was able to be with my baby at the exact date of our monthsarry which is rare.

The event was a letdown but to have him at my side is something that i would not pass up on.

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