Thursday, November 05, 2009

Farewell Dimples

I dont know how to begin but after one week and 3 days struggling with the meds,she eventually surrendered unwillingly to the disease.She didnt really yelp in pain nor has she made it difficult for us to take care of her .Her eyes though mildly affected are always roving, looking for us and making sure that we were nearby with her.Its as if she already know that she would not make it.

I was in the office the day she died so by the time i came home she was nowhere in site, she was already buried in a vacant lot.I wasnt able to say goodbye, to hold her close and cradle her in my arms just like i used to.I was accustomed to seeing her in the sofa with her tail wagging excitedly whenever we come home and now it doesnt feel the same.

I wish we took care of her more, i wish we had given her shots to ensure that she wouldnt pick up any disease ,i wish we were more observant so that it can be cured.Too many could have beens and now she is not here.

My only wish is that she is happy now in dog heaven (if there is such a thing)because the disease has taken so much from her ,making her suffer silently .She had been an awesome dog,making us laugh with her weird antics and her dog talks. She often cuddle up to me in bed and though i smell like a dog when i wake up at least she made me feel safe.

Dimples wherever you are right now.i miss you and i love you always.

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nvtellan said...

Farewell Dimples and may you rest in peace in dog heaven (if there is such a place).

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