Sunday, October 11, 2009

Addicted To TP

No this isnt some drug that makes you high.This is an online forum that ive recently joined and boy right now i am definitely hooked. Yeah i know the dangers of speaking with strangers, of revealing something about yourself to somebody you barely know.But this site is different ....

I have been stressed and wanting to get away from reality for a little while. I want to be where someone doesnt really know much about me,much less of the recent issues that ive dealt with. So ive decided to join this forum to just let my usual 'kulit side' show up without somebody analyzing it if its written for somebody or if im attacking someone subtly.

So i signed up and found the site intriguing and different.Intriguing because it gives posters a goal and motivation to reach a certain amount of post so they can change the color of their nick and the title that comes along with it are wacky to say the least but absolutely cool.There are kick ass modes who do their jobs and they have a lot of contests and events that you can look forward to every month.

Different because posters come from different walks of life and they are there to share information.No predators looking to hook girls up or ask them for dates or whatever. No underlying issues or fights between members. All of them are very friendly,accommodating and each has something to contribute making it an ideal tambayan for somebody like me who wanted to just hang out and post.

I was so hooked on just posting that every two days my nick would change color signifying that my posts were also adding up from 1 post to 1,288 making me an elder in a span of 20 days.
My next goal is to reach 1337 post to be one of the elites plus to be a premier member next week.

Oh and im also aiming to be the Top Poster for this month so i better get back on posting. See yah guys and i hope to see you on the site as well.

Heres the link if you want to be a member


yuuki said...

hi sk! syempre dapat first comment from another TP addict! goodluck on ur online endeavors chika...

btw, nice blog...

keep on writing and get paid to do so...

nathan said...

isl30fvi3w here of TP! Goodluck sa ating lahat.

if you need help, just PM me.=)

realmofadreamer said...

hello shadow... nice blog! :)

and thanks for joining TP :D talagang enjoy dun! ;)

nvtellan said...

hahaha! natutuwa naman ako habang binabasa ko yun post mo re: TP.
We're so glad that you are liking the ambience of TP. Rest assured that we will always make it more and more interesting in the future. With your help, of course! :)

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